HOLOTIPUS journal of zoology, systematics and taxonomy is published exclusively online, open access. It follows a continuous publication model, with the online issuing of an annual volume, divided into two parts, each year. All works are released under the Creative Commons International license. All published articles are archived on Biotaxa: Online library for taxonomic journals and Zenodo (CERN Data Center). This promotes their long-term storage.

HOLOTIPUS is an imprint committed to the publication of an online magazine and an editorial line aimed to contaminations.

ISSN 2704-7547

Holotipus [online] is a scientific journal about zoology, systematics and taxonomy.

We permanently archive all published articles on Biotaxa and Zenodo.

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HOLOTIPUS ISSN 2704-7547 is a non-profit magazine with a high development potential. We are dynamic and passionate people, with a strong interest towards zoology and other fields.
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